When and How Men Should Color Their Gray Hair

Man with gray hair.Some people think that it’s not ‘manly’ or attractive for a man to dye his hair. But what if you’re only 30 and your hair is more than 50% gray? Or maybe you’re 40 with no noticeable wrinkles and a full head of gray hair.

Whatever the case may be, a man dying his hair is becoming more popular by the minute. And while some men are irresistible with a touch of gray hair, many women want their man to look just as young and attractive as they do.

If you are a man debating about whether or not to dye your gray hair, make sure you are only looking at products designed for men. The reason why you should use hair dye specifically for men is because female hair dye is formulated to change the color of every strand – regardless of if it’s gray or not.

Fortunately, searching for male-specific hair dye is just a small bump in the road because men’s hair dye is mostly ammonia-free, is quicker to use than female hair dye, and meets men’s needs more accurately.

Assuming you decide to use hair dye, make sure you have an idea about what you’re doing first. Hair dye kits are a nice place to start because they’re great for small amounts of gray hair, but they can also be used on a full head of gray hair.

However, finding the right color is the tricky part because the color on the box isn’t always the color that ends up in your hair. If you are struggling with two colors, always go for the lighter color unless your hair is more than half gray; in this case, go for the darker color.

The do-it-yourself hair dye kits that you get from local department stores will come with very specific instructions and gloves to wear during the process. It would be handy to have a friend do it for you, but not necessary.

Remember that the hair dye isn’t permanent, and you’ll have to start dying your hair regularly every 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, the best thing for you to do is to seek professional help. By going to a salon, you’re putting yourself in the hands of well-educated stylists who will be able to guide you to the perfect color and shade.

You won’t feel as much anxiety when it comes to the changes being made to your head, and you’ll have someone there to answer any questions you have in the process. The only downer in this situation is that you’re going to pay twice as much on the color as you would with a department store hair dye kit – and let’s not even mention the haircut and tip!

When and if you decide to dye your gray hair is up to you, but keep in mind that no dye is permanent, and gray can be sexy too.


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