Does Massaging The Scalp Stimulate Hair Growth?

For people concerned about the effects of balding, there’s one question asked over and over again: does massaging the scalp stimulate hair growth? While there are certainly a number of effective products on the market today that promise to help restore a full head of hair once baldness has begun, most men and women would prefer to avoid the onset of baldness altogether.

As a result, more people than ever before are taking it upon themselves to research the latest products and systems designed to forestall hair loss and maintain normal follicle growth. Scalp massages have garnered a tremendous amount of interest among millions of these people, precisely because of claims about its ability to accomplish this important goal.


How to Massage Scalp

Of course, there is more to the process than simply running the fingers over the top of one’s head. To achieve these positive results, the person applying the treatment should understand how to do it properly. The proper technique requires the right type of massage oil applied in the correct way. Fortunately, this process is fairly simple for anyone to learn.

There are a variety of massage oils on the market today. They are divided into several categories that can accommodate any particular hair type. These types range from oily to dry scalps, and include every condition between those two extremes. The person applying the massage should start with an oil that is specifically designed for his needs. Many experts also recommend using an oil that is organic in nature.

A proper massage should start at the front of the hairline, and move across the head toward the back of the neck. The fingers should apply the oil using circular movements. Moderate pressure should be applied with each stroke, to ensure that the follicles receive a full conditioning with the oil even as the scalp is thoroughly massaged for maximum relaxation. Repeat this process for each side of the head.

Once this process is completed, it should be repeated following the same steps. This time, the fact that the follicles have already been treated with oil will enable the person applying the massage to focus on providing deeper relaxation to the scalp itself. When additional pressure is applied, dead cells can be removed that might otherwise block pores and prevent the flow of nutrients.



Evidence does support the notion that regular massages can provide the stimulation follicles need to maintain their normal growth patterns. When performed on a consistent basis, this inexpensive treatment can ensure that each follicle receives the nutrients and blood it needs to remain healthy and vibrant.

Since most baldness is the result of unhealthy follicles, stimulating the flow of nutrients to this area is critical to staving off hair loss. Though this massage technique can be extremely beneficial for preventing baldness, it has other advantages as well.

Many people who practice these techniques report a marked reduction in stress levels and increased energy levels. As a result, those who use these massage methods can not only enjoy better scalp health, but may also experience additional health benefits as well. They answer the question, “does massaging the scalp stimulate hair growth?” with a resounding “Yes.”

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