How To Know When Your Razor Blade Is Dull?

Perhaps you are wondering how to know when your razor blade is dull? Blades are designed to provide several shaving experiences and as many as ten or more. However, this depends on several factors and there are ways to tell if the blades are no longer sharp.

While you shave, you should feel very little resistance. This tells you that the equipment you are using is nice and sharp. Once you start feeling resistance, you will need to apply more pressure than usual. This is a good time to make a change.

It is important to change blades if yours is dragging. You can tell it is dragging if it does not operate smoothly anymore. Shaving with excessive pressure can cause skin irritation. It also can lead to cuts and scrapes.

Several things affect the life of shaving blades. It depends on hair coarseness and how much area is shaved. How often you shave is also important. Once you use a regular product you should get an average number of shaves before it starts pulling.

Keep track of your blade changes on the calendar to give you a good idea of when to change. If something no longer feels right, it is time to make the change. To extend the life of shaving products, keep them clean and avoid dropping them.

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