Keep It Classy: Classic Shaver Vs. Electric

Photo of a man shaving his beard.

So you want the perfect shave without any leftover scruff or nasty aftershave cloud over your face? Most men would agree that shaving is a pain. Nicks, cuts, and razor burns are unfortunately easy to come by, and even with today’s high tech razors it’s nearly an art to avoid them. The real question comes down to which is better, the classic shave or the electric route?

The perfect shave is what males strive for the second they begin their day and touch the razor to their face. The perfect shave should look natural, clean, and smooth. It should lack any irritation or unnatural redness.

However, with these days of money-saving disposable razors and cheaper shaving cream, the perfect shave is even harder to achieve. The proper shaving that was once an art passed down from father to son has somewhere through the passing of time become a lost art.

However, with new shaving technology and a new grown appreciation for personal appearance, some are getting back into perfecting the classic art of shaving.


Classic Shaver

When it comes to shaving with the classic razor there are three key ingredients: a quality razor, good shaving cream, and a brush. To some men, this seems like far too much in today’s technologically advanced world.

One of the most important aspects of classic shaving is avoiding a disposable razor. This type of razor is certain to cause irritated redness, bumps, and unfortunate cuts and nicks. In order to master the classic shave, a nice razor and brush, along with quality shaving cream is key.

If you are into an in depth shaving process and have a little more time on your hands, then this classic shaving tactic could be your best option. If you’re willing to invest the time, the classic shave can leave your skin smooth and perfected.

It allows you to choose exactly how you want to style your facial hair, while also providing that close and smooth shave that the electric shaver cannot.


Electric Shaver

The electric shaver, on the other hand, is a little faster and simpler with similar results. However, it is also all about the razor you purchase. Cheaper options can irritate the skin. The electric shaver most likely won’t burn or cut your skin.

However, it doesn’t allow near the closeness. Sure, the electric shave also cuts out the mess that the classic shaver creates, but the electric shave doesn’t have near the class. For those wanting a really specific shaving style, the electric razor does not allow the manual control of a classic razor.

While many electric shavers leave men pushing down hard on the skin to see results, the classic shaver allows for a simple, smooth, clean shave without having to forcefully push down to see results.
With so many different shavers on the market, it can be a rather daunting task for men to choose the perfect razor. Ultimately, it should all come down to the quality of the shave. The old school style of the classic shaver is really the best way to see results.

The sharp blade is going to achieve better results to the skin and face. With the right razor purchase, a quality shave definitely lies within the classic shaver. It’s important not to skimp on something that you use on your face. The extra money is important to feel good and have confidence in all daily activities.

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