John Waters Pencil Thin Mustache

Photo of John Waters with pencil thin mustache.
John Waters mustache

Filmmaker, John Waters, is widely recognized as a result of his trademark appearance. Despite its slim size, the John Waters pencil thin mustache has received a great deal of attention. The signature facial hair even has a Jimmy Buffet song dedicated to it and has been copied by numerous modern day celebrities.

Picture of Little Richard mustache.
Little Richard pencil thin mustache

The unique style has been worn by the celebrity filmmaker in honor of legendary singer Little Richard. It is certainly for those who desire a unique, trendy and appealing look. The ability to pull of such a signature style is truly something special.

In order to create this signature style, one will be required to grow the hair on the top of the lip until the desired thickness is obtained. A fair amount of regular maintenance is necessary to keep the slim design. Using your every day razor, shave the hair on the upper lip until a thin line is obtained.

To trim the hairs on top of the lip, use a fine scissor or even a nail cuticle trimmer to keep it neat and short. The trick to obtaining the signature dark line is to use a dark cosmetic pencil or mascara to darken the hair or fill in those gray patches. Be sure to apply these methods gently and accurately in order to achieve the distinct neat and straight line above the upper lip.

Young celebrity singer, Justin Bieber has also created the slim design as a tribute to the well known filmmaker. This unique style of facial hair is designed by keeping a large gap between the strip of facial hair and the nose. It requires a significant amount of maintenance which will keep the style neat and well-kept.

Image of Errol Flynn mustache.
Errol Flynn mustache

Actors such as Errol Flynn and David Niven have sported the John Waters pencil thin mustache. This signature look optimizes the celebrity and suave image. Obtaining the specific style of facial hair, means that one should neatly clip the mustache so that a fine strip is created on the upper lip.

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