How To Trim A Mustache

A mustache is the most commonly worn form of facial hair. Many men will sport a mustache even though they would not consider growing a full beard. However, keeping a it looking good takes some care and maintenance. Here, we shall look at how to trim a mustache.

There are different tools available for use in mustache trimming. One can use a small, sharp pair of scissors designed for the purpose, an electric clipper, a razor, or a beard trimmer. Most men prefer to use a combination of these tools to achieve just the right shape and fullness.

The first step is to dampen the hair just a little and comb it straight downward over the mouth. Using the scissors or electric clippers, one should carefully trim the length of the lower hairs until the mouth is not completely covered. Care must be used because a very slight cut can completely change it’s appearance completely.

Next, one should use clippers or a razor to trim the top hair and gain the desired line on the upper lip. Some will desire to have the entire lip covered while others prefer a pencil thin cut with a well defined line on top. Again, care should be exercised to avoid cutting too much from the top unless one is willing to shave it completely off in the event of a mistake.

Electric clippers or a beard trimmer with a guard in place is the best bet for determining how bushy it will be. The guard will prevent one cutting too deeply and making it too thin. For fullness and thickness, a deep guard should be used. For shorter, thinner mustaches, a shallow guard may be applied.

After it has been trimmed, combing or brushing it and applying wax to hold it in the desired style will be helpful. Also, if one has trimmed the hairs properly, it may not be necessary to use any type of product to hold it in place and maintain the desired look.

Knowing how to trim a mustache is an important skill for those of us who choose to wear one. A great deal of grooming and trimming goes into maintaining the right look and not allowing the mustache to simply go wild, covering the mouth completely and looking unkempt.

Before beginning a cut, it may be beneficial to talk to a professional stylist who can give you details and information about the best way to create the look you want. They will be able to recommend proper tools as well as information about the best way to cut and trim your hair.

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