How To Stop Dandruff In Its Tracks

Dandruff is probably the single most widely complained about problem with the hair and scalp. It is caused by flakes of skin breaking loose from the scalp and getting scattered throughout the hair and on the shoulders. Dandruff can be a major source of embarrassment. This leaves many people wondering how to stop dandruff in its tracks.

The first step is to use a medicated shampoo that is formulated to make it easier to remove existing flakes while treating the scalp to prevent the formation of new ones. These shampoos often contain special moisturizers to treat dry scalp and medication to kill a common fungus that causes flaking of the scalp.

Making changes to the diet can help as well. Certain key nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and Omega-3 fatty acids have beneficial effects on the scalp. Increased circulation and natural moisture are produced when these nutrients are added to the diet, even in the form of dietary supplements.

As dry scalp is the most common cause of dandruff, anything that moisturizes the scalp will help to limit or prevent the formation of flakes. This includes topical applications such moisturizing lotion, hot oil treatments, application of mayonnaise to the hair that is then rinsed away, and more. A high quality conditioner that moisturizes the hair can also help keep the scalp healthy and flake free.

An excess of the natural oil produced by the hair follicles can lead to the growth of bacteria or fungus that can cause flaking of the scalp. It is, therefore, a good idea to use shampoos that are formulated to strip the oil from the hair. T-Gel is a very good shampoo made from coal tar that cleans completely, stripping away excess oil and buildup caused by hair products.

Limiting the amount of hair products used to style the hair can also limit the occurrence of an environment in which bacteria and fungus can thrive. These products can also have a drying effect on the scalp, leading to flakes for that reason. In either case, overuse of hair products will likely lead to an outbreak of dandruff.

Dandruff occurs for a variety of reasons. The exact causes are not entirely known. However, there are certain things that have been shown to contribute to the likelihood of dandruff developing. This leaves a large number of people wondering how to stop dandruff in its tracks.

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