How To Make Dry Shampoo

A lot of men are very active during the day. This can sometimes lead to a situation where we need to wash our hair in order to keep it looking good. However, we usually do not have the flexibility in our schedule or the resources at hand to take a shower and wash the hair. This is why it is a good idea for every man to know how to make dry shampoo.

Common ingredients of dry shampoos can easily be found in most kitchens. Two of the most commonly recommended are corn starch and corn meal.

Blending these two substances together creates a dry shampoo that can be used to absorb excess oils and bond with dirt in the hair so that it can simply be brushed away. Ground oatmeal can easily be substituted for the cornmeal in the above mixture.

For those of us who wish to improve the scent of our hair as well as making it look better in the middle of the day, adding a few drops of essential oils to the corn starch and blending it thoroughly before mixing in the corn meal or ground oatmeal can give the dry shampoo a pleasant fragrance that is transferred to the hair when the dry shampoo is used.

Knowing how to make dry shampoo can prove a valuable skill when a guy has had a tough day and it is not over yet. The dry shampoo can remove dirt and oil that accumulate in the hair, making it look better, making it easier to style, much like it was right out of the shower, and making it smell better after athletic activity or heavy manual labor.

This is a must have skill for those who want to keep their hair looking good throughout the day when there is no time to take a quick shower or wash the hair with water during the day. The only real drawback to using dry shampoo is that it makes a mess when it gets brushed out of the hair.

It is recommended that one be somewhere that can be easily swept up or outdoors where sweeping up is not necessary when dry shampoo is applied to the hair and brushed out. Dry shampoo is very effective at removing dirt and excess oil from the hair.

Knowing how to make dry shampoo makes maintaining one’s hairstyle easier in cases where a lot of hair product is used that can trap dirt during the course of the day.

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