How To Create Volume And Texture In Hair

One problem that affects men’s hair, even if they are not experiencing hair loss, is thin hair. There are times when thin, flat hair needs help to create the healthy look they want in their style. Many men wonder how to create volume and texture in hair and there are different techniques for accomplishing this by using a couple of effective tools.

The most common way to add volume to the hair is to have it cut using scissors. A trained stylist can use scissors by holding them at an angle the proper angle when they make their cuts. This has the effect of making a style look thicker. If done properly, the style can be layered using a scissors in such a way that it almost doubles volume.

Razor cutting also is a great way to get a fuller look. Using a razor, the stylist cuts strands at an angle. Using different cutting techniques, stylists are able to add more body and create multiple layers and textures. Straight cuts do not do not add the feathering and tapering that is required to get a fuller style.

Many people try to create their own style using electric clippers and a guard. This may save them some money, but it does not have the flexibility to create a different style or look based on tapering and feathering. Seeing a professional stylist is the best choice when a person wants to change his hairstyle and increase the fullness of the hair.

The stylist often does not have to remove much hair in order to achieve their goal. A style can be shaped, feathered and styled to easily achieve the desired result of more volume and texture in hair. When properly styled, feathered and tapered an individual will have a fuller style with minimal effort and maintenance required.

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