What is A Hair Refresher Spray and How to Use It?

A hair refresher spray is basically a salon shampoo in a bottle. It is formulated to refresh and revive the hair when you do not have time for a shower. The spray is also designed to give hair a clean, washed scent so that your hair smells fresh and clean even after a gym workout or a cigarette break. The spray is formulated to be lightweight so it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

TRESemme FreshStart Refreshing Mist for all hair types, men and women

A hair refresher spray is a great product for men who have dry scalp. Doctors often advise against washing hair on a daily basis since this can strip the hair of its oils.

A refresher spray can tide you over to your next shower while giving your hair a fresh, clean smell and non-greasy look. The spray can be used like any other spray.

Apply it over the entire area, making sure to scrunch and toss the hair as you do so to ensure that the product spreads over all your strands before you restyle or give your hair a final polish with a comb or brush.

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