What Is A Hair Dryer Diffuser And How To Use It

A hair dryer diffuser is that funny looking tool that you can attach to your hair dryer and use to spread warm air all over the hair. A hair dryer diffuser is used if you want to add volume to the hair or if you have curly hair and want to retain the shape of the curls while you blow the hair dry.

hair Diffuser


Why Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser

Most guys find it a bit uncomfortable if they use a diffuser with a hair dryer but this extension is actually very easy to use and it can be a lifesaver if you have thick, frizzy hair. This is because the diffuser is designed to spread the hair evenly as it goes out of the hair dryer, which, without the diffuser, would only concentrate the air in one area of the head. This results in dryness and frizz. With a diffuser, you can evenly distribute hot hair and dry all sections of the hair at the same time.


How to Use Hair Dryer Diffuser

Most hair dryers come with a hair diffuser extension. You can slip the diffuser over the snout of the dryer which is the part where the hot air comes out. Most extensions easily snap into place while others may need to be rotated into the snout. Turn the hairdryer on and set it to medium heat. Anything hotter will result to frizz. You will feel a weak breeze coming from the dryer since the diffuser is now spreading the air around a wider area.

Hair dryer diffuser

Position the diffuser over the part of the hair that you want to dry first and fluff the hair using your fingers so that the hair goes into the bowl of the diffuser. If you have curly hair, this makes the task of putting the hair in the bowl so much easier since the curls can grab the plastic teeth that jut out from the diffuser bowl.

You can also use a wide toothed comb to do this. Never use a brush when drying wet hair since the brush can cause the hair to tangle and lead to breakage. If you want to sport wavy and thick locks you can dry your hair starting from the roots to the tips. Add a shot of air to give more volume by flipping the hair over and drying the hair this way.

Most guys do not have long curls but for some who do and they want to emphasize the curls at the tips, they can use the diffuser to do this by positioning the extension over the tips of the hair and scrunching the tips with their fingers.


Recommended Hair Diffuser

The CONFU Lightweight Low Noise Blow Dryer is the one we really like because of its low noise and brilliant performance. Check the reviews yourself in case you have any doubt!


Most guys will prefer to keep curly hair as flat as possible, but if you want to sport rocking curls, then a diffuser is the perfect tool. This extension helps add shine and volume to the hair. You also avoid hair damage since it spreads the heat evenly so no single part of the hair gets exposed to high amounts of heat.

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