Goose Gossage Mustache

Image of Goose Gossage mustache style.
Goose Gossage.

The Goose Gossage mustache seems to be making a comeback, these days. The famous Yankee pitcher is perhaps more renowned for his facial hair than his baseball achievements. Also known as the “horseshoe“, this kind of facial hair is not difficult to grow and care for. However, there are some things to know that will make it easier to have and take care of. Here are some tips for getting the perfect Gossage’s mustache.

To get a good idea of what you want, simply take a look at the famous relief pitcher’s image. The first thing you need to do is let your whiskers grow out. Trim around the areas that you wish to keep. When it starts to lengthen, use a fine tooth comb and comb downward. This allows you to see any hairs that are too long, so they can easily be trimmed.

Make sure and take your time when trimming your ‘stache. Use bright light, and it may be best to use a lighted makeup mirror. If you use one with magnification, it will be easier to trim everything evenly. This will provide a uniform look and give you a neat appearance.

To keep your mustache looking its best, consider using mustache wax. This will keep it looking well groomed. It also allows you to train the hairs to grow and stay in place. Use wax sparingly. Start from the middle and gently work your way out for best results.

Photo of Goose Gossage stache.
Goose Gossage mustache. Photo by TIBC Media.

If you are seriously interested in having this mustache, trim it carefully and use a very fine tooth comb. A makeup mirror will give you the best view and help you trim without any mistakes. Use a small amount of wax to keep everything in place. Hopefully, you will have the exact look you are going for, in a short amount of time.

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