Fight the Odds; Keep Hair Loss at Bay

If you tend to think that men are not susceptible to hair loss then, you are mistaken. According to the American Hair Loss Association, around two-third men tend to come-to-terms with hair fall and receding hairline by the time they reach 35.

The figure increases to about 85 per cent by the time men reach 50. Additionally, some 25 per cent men tend to experience hair fall by the time they become 21. Baldness or thinning hair for men has become a usual part of life for most men in today’s world.

According to the researches, around 35 million men in America alone tend to experience loss of hair or ‘Alopecia’, as the medical community terms it. Since, thinning hair is most commonly connected to fading youth, the experience can come up to be quiet hardening. However, treating hair loss in men has become largely possible; thanks to the increasing medicinal and surgical ways of treatment.


The Causes

Prior to taking up to the treatment, it is essential for you to know the causes behind loss of hair. Male patterned baldness or alopecia tends to come up as the most common causes owing to fall or thinning of hair. Alternatively, other causes like, some underlying medical problems, anemia, exposure to certain medications, stress, and depression accounts to fall of hair.


Diagnosis of the Cause

Well, diagnosing the trend of male patterned baldness does not tend to come up as a tough process. All it requires is an observation of the specific pattern of hair loss by a hair expert coupled with detailing the medical history of the patient.

The medical history should include information about loss of hair experienced by people in the family. In other situations, your doctor will specifically request you to go for some tests to find out the cause.


The Treatment to Alopecia

Well, in pursuit of treating hair loss with immediate care, men often tend to rely upon natural medicinal or surgical treatments. While, some men prefer to opt for surgery with hair transplantation, others opt to rely upon medicines like, Minoxidil and Finasteride.

These medicines are known to stimulate hair growth in men. Some others tend to rely upon natural treatments to continue with the hair stimulation process.


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