Best Home Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff is a scalp condition that is characterized by flakes of dead skin that break loose and get caught in the hair or on the shoulders. It can be a major source of embarrassment. Common causes are intensely dry scalp and excess fungus that feeds on the natural oil produced by the hair follicles. Fortunately, there are best home remedies for dandruff that are quite effective.

Shampooing daily helps to keep the flakes washed away as they are produced. It is recommended that a person lather twice to ensure getting rid of loose flakes as well as those that can be loosened during the first wash.

Sometimes, putting a stop to dandruff is as simple as changing brands of shampoo. Many brands contain sulfur, which can build up on the scalp and cause irritation. Choosing a different formulation can be sufficient to stop this buildup and prevent the formation of flakes.

Dandruff shampoos are medicated to help remove loose flakes and limit the formation of new ones. However, using the same formula constantly can allow the scalp to build up a resistance to the medication that can keep it from working properly.

Many people find that they can avoid this resistance by rotating between three different brands (formulations). Use one formula for a month, change to the second for a month, and use the third for a month. Then, start over with the first formula.

Coal tar has been used successfully as a dandruff remedy for well over 200 years. It is still an ingredient in some shampoos. However, it can be too strong and irritate the scalp if not rinsed out completely.

If one chooses to use coal tar, it is suggested that an acid rinse such as lemon juice or a high quality conditioner be used following the shampoo. In fact, conditioner used following any shampoo can help moisturize the scalp and eliminate flakes.

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