Exercises That Stimulate Faster Hair Growth

A lot of men wonder why their hair starts falling off for no reason at all, especially if there is no hereditary tendency for hair loss. There are many reasons why hair fall occurs in men.

These could be anything from genetics to stress as well as the results of medications that have hair loss as one of the prominent side effects. Whatever the cause of it may be, here are some proven exercises to help prevent thinning hair and promote hair growth in men.


Scalp Massage

Scalp massage increases the circulation to the brain and scalp. This means that there is an increased delivery of nutrients, blood, & oxygen to the scalp and roots of the hair; allowing the hair to become healthier and stronger. It is recommended to do a scalp massage in a few minutes every night before going to bed.

Focus on the thinning areas on your scalp then move to another area. Use your fingertips (do not use your nails) to massage the scalp slowly in a circular motion. For best result, apply a small amount of olive oil in your fingers.

Massage is also a great way to relax. Various studies have found the increased levels of stress produces the hormone cortisol. Cortisol has a direct effect on the hair matrix, that part of the hair responsible for producing the keratinized portion of the hair strand. Massage can help lower stress levels and avoid high levels of cortisol in the bloodstream and prevent its effects on the hair.


Neck exercise

Neck exercises have also been shown to increase the circulation to the head and scalp. Neck exercise can be done simultaneously with scalp massages for greater feelings of relief from tension and stress. A lot of people feel tension in the neck when they are stressed or tired.

This makes a neck massage ideal for reducing stress levels and promoting circulation to the head and scalp which in turn promotes the uptake of nutrition and oxygen into the hair follicles.

There are some ways to do neck exercise:
1. Tilt your head from front to back.
2. Tilt your head from side to side.
3. Rotate the head from side to side.
4. And the best one: neck flexion – gravity resistance. You can do it by laying on back with your head over edge of bed. See the picture below.

Photo neck-flex-gravity_zps2a7117d4.gif
Neck flexion – gravity resistance. Image via doctor bain.


Yoga and Tai-chi

Yoga and tai-chi are excellent activities for lowering stress levels and for enhancing the body’s ability to ward off stress. These activities teach controlled, meditative breathing and are activities that almost anyone can do safely.

If you have experienced hair loss while undergoing a stressful situation, these activities may be helpful in reducing the amount of stress and prevent the further loss of hair. For those who are not able to perform high-intensity cardio exercises, yoga and tai-chi are great alternatives.


Cardio Workout

A cardio workout–such as treadmill, jogging, cycling, aerobic, etc–promotes blood circulation all over the body and improves the body’s resistance to stress. Cardio exercises help in the production of endorphins or happy hormones which boost mood and help strengthen the immune system.

People who exercise regularly deal with stress better and they are healthier physically. Regular cardio exercise also improves the circulation that reaches to the head and scalp because it widens the blood vessels, including those that directly feed the hair follicles.

Wider blood vessels allows more nutrients to be delivered to the scalp, resulting to a healthier scalp and hair that are not prone to falling off. You do not need to rely fully on medications and hair growth potions to grow your hair back or prevent hair from falling off.

Reduce your levels of stress with meditation through yoga or tai-chi, neck exercise, massage, and regular exercise. Not only will these activities strengthen your mind and body, they also promote proper circulation to your scalp, ensuring that your hair gets the required nutrients for healthy hair growth.

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  1. My hair is very sparse on top and forms a thin widow’s peak. My hair is moderately thick on the sides and in the back. I’m looking for ideas on a hair style(s) that would utilize positively these attributes.


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