A Closer Look At Dustin McGowan Sideburns

Dustin McGowan is an American professional baseball pitcher. He was also well known for his distinctive sideburns. Many people have taken notice of Dustin McGowan sideburns, sometimes referred to as mutton chops.

This type of facial hair growth is a common occurrence in the past, but not so much these days. Here is a closer look at mutton chops and why you may want to give them a try.

Photo of Dustin McGowan with his distinctive sideburns.
Dustin McGowan with his distinctive sideburns.

Mutton chops, as I ever mention in my previous post, is the name given to a unique style of sideburns that grow down to the corners of the mouth. They were given this name because of their resemblance to joint of mutton. Mutton chop sideburns were probably made popular by Elvis Presley. It was his habit to allow his sideburns to grow long and wild while shaving his beard and mustache.

The sideburns style will definitely set you apart from most other men. This can be an excellent way to capture the attention of the ladies. However, you should make sure that they are properly trimmed and maintained.

When you increase your facial hair, it should always be neat and trim in appearance. This shows that you care about yourself. When you show others that you take pride in your appearance, it says a great deal about you.

Women appreciate a man who is well groomed. It shows intelligence and makes people feel comfortable around you. If someone with a completely unkempt appearance approaches you on the street, you may get out your cell phone to call 911.

On the other hand, if a well-groomed stranger approaches you, you are more likely to listen to what he has to say. These things happen on a subconscious level, but they happen none the less.

Long sideburns may not be accepted everywhere. If you have a job in sales or management, you may wish to ask your supervisor, first. This shows that you have respect for your place of employment and your boss.

Dustin McGowan sideburns style.
Dustin McGowan sideburns style.

To make a long story short, Dustin McGowan sideburns have not come back into mainstream fashion, as yet. However, if you have mutton chops that are well groomed, they may set you apart from the average man.

Some women may appreciate a man from the past. Yet, your employer may not appreciate your new look, so you should ask if this kind of facial hair is appropriate for a man in your position.

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