Drew Gooden Beards Photos

Growing a beard is one of the events in many boy’s lives that is highly anticipated. Facial hair, for a man, can not only be a way to express his personal beliefs (and keep his face warm), it is also something men use to show off their individuality and creative sides. Drew Gooden beards may be among some of the most creative out there today.

Photo of Drew Gooden beard style.

Drew’s beard has gone through several changes throughout his career. The same can be said for his hairstyles. This NBA basketball star is not only a man to be watched on the court, his style is often emulated by guys who wish to make a statement in their own lives.

If you can grow facial hair, and you are a basketball fan, there is nothing wrong with getting your inspiration from your favorite sports hero:

Image of Drew Gooden beard style in side view.

Picture of Drew Gooden thin beard.

Image of Drew Gooden full beard.


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