Does Going Bald Have An Affect On Your Career?

Going Bald

When a man starts going bald it can sometimes affect his confidence. With age and over time depending on the genetics of a man, going bald is inevitable. Most studies show that 25% of men start going bald after the age of 30 years old. Men psychologically think of hair and relate it to being young and vigorous.

Loosing hair especially at a young age can really bring a man’s confidence level to an all time low thus affecting his career. If a man is more focused on how he feels because of the way he looks, it can start to show in his performance at work and other places.


Genetics or Stress

A large percentage of male baldness occurs due to the genetics passed down. A male who experiences baldness can pass that down to his son, who in turn could experience it 2.5 times more than the father. Another cause of baldness is stress. When a person is stressed out male or female it can affect their diet, body, and hair.

Genetically if a man is going bald it can cause even more stress to his health. No matter what age, stress is not good for a person’s health. The stress of going bald can also affect a man’s life in other aspects such as his relationships between men and women.

A full head of hair is a confidence boost for men of all ages, sizes, and cultures. Going bald can lead a man to experience a mid-life crisis which could potentially cause him to act out of character in order to feel good and fit in.


Baldness vs. Career

Males particularly in the media business or spotlight are deeply affected due to going bald. Research shows that the public audience appeals more to younger and attractive males that are not going bald. Going bald is not the same as a man who shaves his head.

The media can be cruel sometimes and this can be detrimental to a man’s career. When it comes to building a career in the eyes of a man, appearance plays a large role. Looking sharp with expensive clothes shows a man has money and value.

When a man thinks he looks good, he feels good. If a man is stressing out about going bald it can affect his work performance and cause him to bald faster due to the stress it causes.


Solutions to Hair Loss

Unfortunately, society is all about what people look like and staying young forever with plastic surgeries and anti-aging serums. There are very few solutions to hair loss and not every man qualifies. Hair transplants are one way a man can avoid the balding stages of life.

Receiving hair transplants is a surgical procedure that comes with several risks and benefits alike. Some cases of hair transplant surgery have turned out with unnatural hair growth, bleeding, scaring, infections, and unnatural looking hair as opposed to the real thing. Many transplants are successful and have brought satisfaction to several customers.

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