Dandruff and Baldness Relation: is Dandruff a Sign of Hair Loss?

Many people are curious and asking, is dandruff a sign of hair loss? Baldness actually is a genetic issue that mostly experience with male, while dandruff appears because of dry scalp. It has no correlation between dandruff and hair loss.

This misconception is occurring because both of these problems often occur in men life in similar time. Dandruff or dry scalp tend to have small flakes causing itchy skin. This condition trigger many people to scratch their head.

Scratch the scalp vigorously leads to hair fall. The more you scratch your head, the more your hair will break and fall. So, dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss; but constant scratching of the flaky scalp will weaken the hair roots.

To relieve dandruff, you should change your lifestyle and pick the right shampoo. Bad hair nutrition, lack of rest, too much stress, use too much chemical for hair, and shampooing too often are common causes for dandruff.

The traditional tea tree oil that added into your shampoo can relieve dandruff that causes by fungal. Tea tree oil contains antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal that become the effective agents for dandruff.

When you are washing your hair, massage your scalp to loosen flake. Gentle massage in your scalp will stimulate your blood circulation that make it healthier and prevent it from dandruff and hair loss.

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