7 Cute & Trendy Curly Hairstyles for Mixed Toddlers

Toddlers like to wiggle and squirm, especially when you’re doing their hair and it gets intricate if your kid has curly hair. Styling your toddler curly hair should be fun and sporty and as parents, you can exercise your own preference on them!

We have rounded up 7 most funky curly hairstyles for mixed toddlers which you can experiment from time to time. We are confident by the time you finish reading this article you will fall in love with these hairstyles and can’t wait to style up your little wizard.


Curly Hairstyles for Mixed Toddler

Most of the babies don’t care about their hairstyle as it is which gives you the power as parents to try any haircut on them as long as they are steady! Curly haired toddlers are sassier and look adorable. While you are on styling your toddler curly hair journey browse more options and you will be amazed how much you can change up a hairstyle.

What could be more loveable than seeing your baby’s curl dangling from his head with a nice cut? Try out these options and get your mixed toddlers hairstyle done in no time.


1. Natural Wavy Curls

natural wavy curls for toddler boy


2. Curly Kid Man Bun

cute kid man bun hairdo for curly hair

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3. Two-pony Hairstyles

two-pony hairstyle for curly haired baby girl


4. Corkscrew Curl

corkscrew curl hairstyle for mixed toddlers


5. Curly Mohawk

adorable curly mohawk haircut for mixed kids


6. Curly Blonde Hair

curly blonde hair for toddler girl


7. High Fade with Curls

high fade hairstyles for curly haired baby boy


Babies are jaunty and cute, be it their giggle or blubbering or when they start to babble you won’t be able to resist holding them. With a unique hairstyle, toddlers will get more attention and turn everyone’s head. Make your toddler stand out in the crowd by flaunting their curly hair and keep in mind their face shape while choosing the right hairstyle.