How To Clean A Flat Iron With Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning your flat iron must be done regularly. This is to prevent oil, creams and other hair products from building up causing damages to your flattening iron. If you do not clean the iron, it may result to uneven heating due to the accumulated creams and oil and may destroy your hair.

It is not really difficult to clean a hair straightener. You may do the cleaning with the use of a cloth and rubbing alcohol.


Tips on Cleaning Your Flat Iron

Before you clean it with rubbing alcohol, you should make sure that it is not hot and it is unplugged. This is to prevent the risk of electrocution and to make cleaning much easier. The following are the next steps:

  • Do not soak the cloth. Rubbing alcohol should not be dripping from it. Just apply a small amount of alcohol and squeeze the cloth if it has absorbed too much rubbing alcohol.
  • Begin wiping on the plates before proceeding to the other areas. You can start on the upper plate then the lower plate or the other way around. Remember to clean the plates properly.
  • After cleaning a part of the flat iron, do not go back to it anymore. This is to prevent spreading the dirt from one part to another.
  • Do not use the iron when it is still wet. Alcohol is a good conductor of electricity so you should make sure that it is completely dry before you use it again. You can use another cloth to dry the material or let it air dry.

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your flat iron is efficient and economical. You can easily buy rubbing alcohol anywhere if it is not available at home. It is better to use it than water since it contains certain chemicals that bind oils and creams for easier cleaning and removal of accumulated dirt.

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