How to Bleach Blonde Streak In Your Hair – 9 Tips

Bleaching hair isn’t something new for men. It continued making its way into the modern hairstyles with twist and turns.

Black hair with white or blonde streaks is a great look that most men would want to have. However, not everyone can pull it off successfully. Here we are going to put together some tips and suggestions that may help.


Tips to Bleach Blonde Streak in Hair

black hair with blonde streaks

If you wish to know how to bleach a white or blonde streak into your hair, there are a few things to first consider. 

  1. White or blonde streak is best for you who has dark hair. If you have black or dark brown hair, then you are lucky. Your streaked hair will look alive.
  2. Take a look at yourself with the new hairstyle. You can probably do this with a computer. Take a digital picture of yourself from the computer and play with it in a photo editor. If you do not have a good photo editor, you can use a simple paint program. This will give you an idea of what you will look like. This way you can change the location of the streaking to see how it will look.
  3. If you have a wife or a regular girlfriend, it may be a good idea to discuss it with her first. After all, it is not usually a good idea to do something that may cause problems later. Besides, if you talk it over with her first, you can have valuable assistance. Women know much more about hairstyling than most men. This gives you much better chances for a successful look.
  4. These things almost always come out better when you let someone else work on your head. Another person has access to parts of your head that you do not, and has a better perspective. For best results, sit in a chair and allow yourself to be worked on.
  5. If you can afford to go to a professional hairstylist, this is a very good idea. You can tell the stylist exactly what you want and need. This person has a lot of experience and can offer some valuable advice.
  6. Some men opt to change their look by purchasing a frosting kit or hair bleach kit from their local drugstore, a department store. These things have everything that you need for bleaching out or streaking sections of hair. This is not like coloring, as in effect you are removing pigment.

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    Some Frosting kits come with comb & gloves. You simply pull through the hairs that you want to lighten. Most kits recommend that you try a very small amount of hair at first. This helps to prevent mistakes.

  7. Another way to achieve the desired look is to buy some hydrogen peroxide. You need to separate the hairs that you want to whiten. Some people cover the hair with plastic wrap with a hole for the ones that they wish to color. Other people prefer to paint the peroxide on with a brush. Whatever you do, be sure not to get any peroxide into the eyes and wear some old clothing for this project.
  8. To separate hair strands easily, you can use hair foil. It can be utilized to make sure that the dye or peroxide is properly infused into the hair that you want to be streaked and do not fall out elsewhere.
  9. Be patience. If you want your streaked section look light, you can repeat your bleaching process. The darker your hair, the longer you will take to achieve the best result.


Check the video below to Learn How to DIY Blonde Streak on Your Hair


If you are a newbie who wants to bleach a streak into your hair, try a tiny amount of hairs first, for testing. Ask someone to assist you or go to a beautician for the best results. Remember to protect the eyes and to wear clothes that are okay to get stained or discolored.