Benefits of Soy Milk or Juice for Hair

Soy products are perfect for hair care. Hair is mainly composed of protein and since soy is diet rich in protein, it has been found to spearhead optimal hair growth. A research has found that soy milk also contains a molecule known as equol which prevents hair loss and baldness in people of all gender. It works in the same way as the prescription drug for hair loss Propecia.

Proper hair growth calls for good nutrition. Soybean products are essential necessities in the diet of a person and they are not only packed with proteins but also folic acid, vitamin, potassium and iron. These are important nutrients for the nourishment of hair. By eating such foods, your hair is strengthened and properly nourished.

When used to make hair care products, soybean can make hair grow faster and become smooth and shiny. It acts as diluting agent for the essential oils used in hair treatment. You can get all the benefits simply by applying soy bean juice on your hair for a considerable period of time. One major benefit of this oil is that it is not as greasy as other hair products usually are.

Soymilk is a good ingredient used in shampoos and hair conditioners. These products strengthen your hair by providing it with optimum nourishment. They help maintain your hair’s moisture balance by adding softness and hydration deep to the scalp.

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