AJ Allmendinger Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Discover a look that is both hip and classic. Many men find that an AJ Allmendinger pompadour hairstyle offers styling that fits in everywhere. It is a low maintenance hairstyle.

Image of AJ Allmendinger hairstyle.
AJ Allmendinger hairstyle.

The style dates back to France in the 1700s. It takes its name from a favored lover of King Louis XV. His mistress set the standard for stylish women of the time. Elements of this particular style proved immensely popular amongst both men and women of that time.

Style characteristics are easy to spot. Hair is pulled or blended up from the nape of the neck and piled toward the forehead. Extreme versions twist the front hair in a curl which falls forward. It was brought back into fashion by Elvis Presley. Recently, a modern take on this classic cut has brought it back to the heads of stylish men.

Photo of AJ Allmendinger hair.
AJ Allmendinger hair.

Picture of AJ Allmendinger short pompadour hairstyle.
AJ Allmendinger short pompadour hairstyle.

Photo of AJ Allmendinger short hair.
AJ Allmendinger short hair.

To get an AJ Allmendinger pompadour hairstyle, begin with extremely clean hair. The sides and back should be clipper-trimmed and very short. Blend the hair upward from the sides and neckline. Many fans of the cut leave the hair quite long on top. However, the version adopted by this hip young race car driver uses a shorter approach.

Achieve the recognizable curl with Murrays pomade and a comb. Start out with a small amount and work it through the top portion of the style. Add pomade as needed to give the hair texture and made it stand up straight. After getting some height to the hair, comb it back being careful not to crush it. Finish by tamping the hair down slightly.

Men looking for a modern style with a classic feel might opt for this hairstyle. This slighter shorter take on the traditional tight pomp curl looks good on almost any man. Additionally, it is easy to achieve.

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