Jesse McCartney Straight Short Hairstyle

Short men's hairstyle from Jesse McCartney This is a conservative style for Jesse McCartney, an American singer & actor. The hair on the sides and back are cut clipper short and gradually increase in length to approximately two inches of length on the top. The style works best for men who have round faces with straight hair types and need to make their faces look thinner & longer. The style also fits oval and heart faces.

Men's hairstyle from Jesse


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  • Short hair is often referred to as the hair that is easiest to maintain. This statement could not be farther from the truth. Short hairstyles require more frequent cuts and often better care in order to keep the small amount of hair you have, in great shape.

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  • Well I would like to grow my hair (about 3-5″ long) but if it gets too long and isnt cut regularly I get clumps on my scalp where it hasnt got alot of air so I get build up of dead skin. This is a nightmare and I really hate it!
    But i love this hairstyle Jesse has going its nice!

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