How to Pick A Hair Color

Choosing a hair color can seem to be an arduous task, especially for guys. Most men prefer to keep their natural color unless they are going for an emo look or a punk style. This holds true until the gray starts to come in, anyway.

Some prefer to let gray hair make them look more distinguished while others prefer to color their hair to avoid looking older than they are. We will take at look at how to pick a hair color for those men who desire a change without taking on a wild look.

In general, a man’s natural hair color looks best, even if he is trying to cover gray. However, there are some rules for choosing a hair color that will work if he is looking to make a change in his appearance. The first key is choosing a color that compliments the man’s skin tone and eye color. If he has a dark skin tone, it is likely that trying to go blonde will not be a very flattering change.

On the other hand, if he is light complexioned and has blue or green eyes, bleaching his hair to blonde may be a good change.

Almost anyone can color his hair to some shade of brown. There are many different shades to choose from, so care should be exercised. It is normally best to choose a color that is within two or three shades of his natural color.

Another idea is to use highlights or lowlights to change the color. Highlights involve applying strips of lighter color to the hair in a seemingly random pattern to create a natural look. Up to five different shades can be used at the same time as long as they are within the proper range of one another. Lowlights are done in the same manner, only the hair colors used are darker than the original color.

Choosing a hair color is not an exact science. Personal preference plays a very big role in the decision. How drastically the man wants to change his appearance goes a long way toward determining color because it will dictate how many shades away from his natural color a man wants to go when coloring his hair.

Another critical issue is how natural the new color is desired to look. If a man is trying for a punk rock or emo style, the colors used will likely be bright and outrageous. If the hair color is desired to look natural, a shade close to natural should be chosen and highlights or lowlights applied within a range of five shades.

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