How To Gel Men’s Hair

Styling gel has become a mainstay in the grooming regimen of men and women alike. Men are finding that a little strategic use of gel allows them to do things with their hair that were not possible a few years ago. And, despite what many people think, men can be as particular and fussy over their hair, if not more so, than women. Yet, many still do not know how to gel men’s hair.

Men do not want to look as if they have greased their hair down. This would just make it look dirty and unkempt. However, the “wet look” is something that can make many different hair styles stand out and make a man more noticeable. Properly applied gel can help to achieve this look.

David Tennant hairstyle
David Tennant with his mussed hairstyle

In order to achieve a basically natural, slightly mussed look, it is best to wash the hair as normal and towel dry. While the hair is still a little bit damp, put a small amount of gel on the fingertips and dilute it with water. Rub this diluted gel onto a comb and comb the hair evenly to distribute the gel all over the head.

Next, gently blow dry the hair. When it is dry, take another small amount of gel on the fingertips and rub them through the hair randomly. This is a time when less is definitely more, meaning that you do not want to coat the hair in gel, just create a few neat looking clumps that fall in a seemingly random pattern.

Kim JunSu Hairstyle
Kim JunSu Spiky hairstyle

For those who wish to achieve a more exotic, or spiked look, it will take quite a bit of gel and time working the hair with the fingertips to create the individual spikes and pull them into place.

However, for most guys, a small amount of gel and a little bit of time can produce a hairstyle that looks slightly wet and shiny with natural highlights and a carefree appearance that most people find very attractive.

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