How To Comb Your Hair Correctly

Combing hair is not less important than washing and looking after it with the help of various care agents. Yet, this procedure is often being skipped, especially by those whose hair is very short. It is important to remember that combing one’s locks is mean not only for making them smooth and neat in a hairdo but to make them healthier.


Massaging the Skin

The matter is that a comb, whatever its form is, provides the scalp with the necessary massage and thus creates a good effect. Different types of hair require individual approaches in looking after them and in combing, too.

For example, it is possible to cope with thick curls with the help of a not very dense comb, and it will be even better: its teeth will not ruin the curls by making them fluffy. The finer type needs thicker cogs, on the contrary: they will be able to grab all hairs.

Depending on the use, different hair type may need different hair comb. You can learn the different type of hair combs and their uses here. Nevertheless, the general demand for all combs for all types of hair is to be utterly smooth, with rounded teeth, which give only the most pleasant feeling of the process of their usage.


Hairbrush As An Optional Tool

Another thing that can be applied optionally is a hairbrush that is considered to give an enormous sheen and make the hairdo very smooth, when necessary. Though such brushes that are being made of synthetic bristles can cause allergy and even inflammation of sensitive scalp, so it is necessary to use them carefully or use a natural bristle brush.

Sometimes, it is better to have a special massage brush with capped teeth, which do not irritate skin and are good for everyone, especially for short hair. They are usually made of a hard rubber and do not electrify the chevelure.


How Often and in Which Manner

It is thought that it is best to comb one’s head twice a day (a profound procedure is meant, not the momentary reparation of a hairstyle through the day). Each approach is to last 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of hair.

Combing is able to help fight the excessive greasiness of skin, but at the same time, if very intensive, can force it, so it is very important not to overdo. The comb or hairbrush is to move along the direction of growth, then in the opposite one, and then from side to side.

This will massage the very roots and follicles, the skin and deep capillaries, activating the blood flow. Hold your hair with the left hand and then comb the hair with the right hand.

Everything should be done in the gentlest way, in order not to damage the skin and hairs until there will appear the sense of warmth. This will be the signal of the proper blood circulation.


When It Is Forbidden

It is forbidden to comb hair when it is wet. Soaked with water and softened after the washing, hairs become heavy and can be torn out easily, or at least damaged badly. It is better to do combing before washing, then try not to tangle locks too much while washing, and comb again no sooner than they are completely dry. It is better not to use hot fans or other sources of forced heat, as long as they can tangle locks even worse.

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