What Men Should Know About Causes Of Hair Damage

There are many different causes of hair damage. Some affect women more than men because women tend to have longer hair. This is not always the case, however, so there are some things men need to know about things that can damage their hair.

One of the most common causes of hair damage is the way it is shampooed. Many people tend to bunch all their hair up on top of their heads when washing it. This causes excessive tangles that can cause the hair strands to break when trying to remove them. It can also weaken the hair structure so that strands break away later, making the hair look frizzy.

Many chemicals damage hair if not applied in exactly the right manner. Permanent hair colors have chemicals in them that bleach the original color out of the hair before the new color can penetrate the shaft. These bleaches use ammonia, which is highly alkaline and can burn the hair if left on too long.

Perms meant to curl the hair are also chemical based. The amount of curl imparted to the hair is a function of how long the perm is left in and how tightly the hair is rolled. Leaving a perm in too long can also burn the hair, sometimes causing immediate breakage.

Brushing the hair, especially while wet, can cause serious damage to the individual shafts. It is recommended that one never use a brush on the hair, but if one is not comfortable with a comb, make sure that the hair is dry before using a brush.

Even choosing the wrong shampoo can damage the hair. Shampoos are made with different properties based on whether they are to be used on normal, oily, or dry hair. If one has dry hair and uses a shampoo made for oily hair that strips away all the natural oil and moisture, the result can be disastrous.

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