Hair Wax – How to Apply It

Are you one of the fortunate few whose hair stays exactly as you want it to? Do you never have a hair out of place? If so, you have no need for hair wax. On the other hand, if you are like the vast majority of men around the world, you aren’t so lucky. Hair wax may be just the thing to tame that flyaway cowlick, or hold that wave in place. You can use it to move your hair forward, backward, to the side, or to spike it. If applied correctly, you can even create the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

The great thing about hair wax is that you have almost limitless styling uses. Although most waxes don’t leave you hair stiff like gel does, there are some that leave your hair stiffer than others. Hair wax also adds a different luster from most any other kind of hair product on the market.

Hair wax is a great way to style your hair without making it overly stiff the way most gels do. Why don’t you want your spiked hair too stiff? There is nothing worse than spending the evening getting your date into a romantic mood, then poking her in the eye with the points of the gel-enhanced mini samurai swords atop your head when you try to cuddle.

Although hair wax can add a lusty sheen, most guys don’t want the Severus Snape slicked-back look. If you glob excessive hair wax on, that is exactly what you will get. Hair wax usually looks best when you use barely enough to keep your hair positioned just the way you want it. Put a little wax on the tips of your fingers, or on an applicator stick, and run it through your hair to shape bangs, spikes, waves and curls. In the case of hair wax, less is usually more. Unless you are planning to head outdoors during a category 5 hurricane, you only need a dab here and there, or lightly and evenly spread throughout your hair.

When applying hair wax, run the wax through your hair uniformly so you don’t end up with clumps. Blobs of wax positioned haphazardly about the head are neither attractive nor enticing. If anything, either your date will be repulsed by what she sees, or laugh with her girlfriends about it the next day. One thing she will be sure not to do is to run her fingers through your hair—that is, of course, unless she has a wet wipe handy.

There are different types of hair wax. Some are dry for a matte-type look. You can find wax creams, volumizing gel-waxes, waxes for fine hair, waxes for thick hair, waxes for stiff hair, and more. There are even spray waxes available. If you are looking for the best way to keep your hair looking good, check out the various hair wax options that are available, and choose the one just right for you and your styling needs.


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