Wide Tooth Comb: What is It and Why Use It?

A wide tooth comb is a comb that has wide spaces between the teeth, and the tine sometimes also has a wide width compared to an average hair comb. This type of comb is suitable for any hair type and for wet or dry hair. Most wide toothed combs are made of wood or plastic although wooden combs tend to be the better choice since it distributes oil more evenly and does not cause static.


Why Use Wide Toothed Combs?

A wide toothed comb is typically the best choice for guys who have long and curly hair. The wide spacing between teeth allows it to run through hair effortlessly. Detangling curly and tangled hair is also easier to do.

Men who prefer to spend just a few minutes on their hair but still want to sport long and curly locks love this type of hair-comb because it is simple, run through hair quickly but smooths it just as well as an ordinary comb does.

With a wide toothed comb you do not need to pull as hard on the hair strands when you run it through wet hair so there is less risk for breakage and falling hair. Using a brush or a narrow tooth comb on wet hair can cause damage, breakage and frayed ends that will not look pretty especially on curly hair, so you need it to make grooming more efficient while minimizing hair fall.


Wooden vs Plastic Comb

Which is better, wooden or plastic comb? Wooden combs are better than plastic combs because the latter tends to cause static and does not distribute hair oils evenly. An even distribution of hair oils is important for coarse and wavy hair since these tend to dry out more easily than any other hair type.

Wide tooth combs feel better on the scalp in general, since they tend to have blunt ends that give the hair a gentle massage as they are run through the scalp. There are some wooden comb in the market, but the recommended one is FREUDEWOOD Wide Tooth Sandalwood Comb for Detangling Hair with Aromatic Smell 7.8″x2″

Wide Tooth Sandalwood Comb
It has a good smell, thick tines, and wide teeth. It made of wood and you’ll feel it is strong in your hand. If you have a long hair, curly hair, or want to comb your hair when it is wet, this hair-comb is great for you.

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