What Gives Your Hair The Wet Look?

Wet hair look picture

One of the things men are doing now to make their hair look more attractive to women is giving it a wet look, even when it is dry. Not everyone knows the techniques and products for creating this effect, however. Here, we will take a look at what gives your hair the wet look.

One of the most commonly used hair products is styling gel. There are many different formulas for different levels of hold. Gel also comes with different levels of shine to its finish. Achieving the wet look is done by applying gel to the hair while it is still damp and styling. One key to remember is to choose a gel that is made for your hair type so that you do not use too much and create a near helmet with your hair.

Another popular choice is known as pomade. This product contains polymers and oils that give hair a wet shine. As with the gel, the key is in knowing how much to use and in selecting a mixture that works to produce the wet look in hair without making it appear plastic or stiff.

Either of these hair products will, when properly applied, give dry hair that wet look that makes it appear that you just stepped out of a shower.

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