Why Do You Get Split Ends? How To Treat It?

Most men do not realize how complicated the structure of the hair really is. They are not entirely sure about the best ways to care for it and ensure it stays healthy and good looking. One common question men ask of stylists when they need a trim is, “Why do you get split ends?”.

The outside of the hair strands is made up of dead cells similar to those found in the finger and toe nails. However, each shaft is made up of complex proteins at its core that require moisture to remain supple and avoid becoming brittle.

This is why it is necessary to deep condition the hair from time to time and replace the moisture that is stripped out by environmental factors. It is also a good idea to avoid daily washing because shampoo strips away moisture and essential oils. Even plain water can leach moisture out of the hair and cause drying.

When the shafts begin to dry out, the cuticle (outside) begins to separate from the core. This normally begins at the point farthest from the follicle that produced the hair. As this separation occurs at the ends of the hair, they become brittle and begin to split along the length of the shaft.

The worse the dehydration problem becomes, the worse the splitting will be. In some extreme cases, the entire shaft may split apart for its whole length. Unfortunately, there are no products on the market that can guarantee the ends will bond back together.

This means that the only completely certain remedy for this problem is to trim the hair above the level of the split. Otherwise, the hair begins to take on a frizzy appearance.

The best choice for treating this problem is prevention. This means keeping the number of chemical treatments applied to the hair to a minimum. Perms, dyes, bleach, and excess heat are all things that can potentially damage the hair and cause the ends to start splitting.

One should also make certain to use a conditioner that is formulated for his specific hair type in order to keep the moisture content at the optimum level. Shampooing just a couple of times a week instead of daily is also recommended.

Now that you know the answer to, “Why do you get split ends?”, you can change the way you treat your hair so that it stays healthy and full of life. Avoiding chemicals and conditions that dry the hair helps prevent the problem, which is the best remedy for it.

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