The Truth About Organic Shampoo

With each passing day, more and more people are becoming concerned about the number of chemicals that have worked their way into our daily lives. Almost everything we use and much of what we consume contains a number of synthetic chemicals that are produced in a laboratory rather than occurring in nature.

Many people are working to move away from the use of so many chemicals by turning to organic products. Here is the simple truth about organic shampoo. Organic shampoo is made using nothing but 100 percent natural ingredients, most of which are edible.

Different herbs and essential oils are added to improve the smell. No chemicals are added to make the shampoo lather up. Most people associate a rich thick lather with better cleaning, but this is far from the truth.

A benefit of using organically based shampoo is that it cleans the hair and removes dirt without stripping away all of the oils that provide the hair with moisture and body. Many commercial shampoos strip away all of the hair’s natural oil, leaving it dry and brittle and easy to damage.

These shampoos will strip away excess oil while using natural botanicals to maintain the health of the hair and provide moisture and vitamins where needed. Another distinct advantage of using organic products including shampoos, is that they are 100 percent biodegradable.

This means that they are completely safe for any type of septic or sewer system and that there is absolutely no danger of a chemical buildup causing problems somewhere down the line in the future.

As more people become aware of the startling number of chemicals used in daily life and make the choice to introduce more organic materials in their place, more companies are realizing that the organic market is growing and are beginning to produce products that are chemical free. One such product, that performs as well or better than any chemical-based version is organic shampoo.

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