How To Remove Gum From Hair With Coca-Cola

Yes, this is really unpleasant when your junior or a neighbour’s son or just some kid in the street gets the gum in your hair. This may be a sad occasion or a malicious trick, but this seems not important at the moment, when you think that you will never be able to free your hair from that devilish thing.

But there is no need to feel frustrated and in a frenzy of despair to grab scissors and completely ruin your hairstyle.

Even if the gum is quite soft and seems to overtake a greater part of your hair, in reality it is not that bad. What you need is to stay calm and get a bottle of Coca-Cola. This liquid is able to do wonders, and gums in hair are no exception.

You need to have it cooled and then carefully apply onto the section of your hair, which is affected by the gum. You will see how firm and not sticky it will get, and you will be able to remove it without any efforts.

But be attentive not to overdose the Cola on your head: the ingredient acids may ruin the keratin of hairs and weaken them. It will be enough just to remove the gum and then give your locks a good wash with a mild shampoo.

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