Caution Alert: How To Remove Beeswax From Hair

Beeswax is a very soft wax that has been used for centuries to help tame unruly hair. It provides a soft hold that is extremely useful in creating certain hairstyles. However, this wax can leave a buildup in the hair that is incredibly difficult to remove. To remove beeswax from hair requires one to accept the problem in a series of steps:

  • Most types of wax, including beeswax, are waterproof. For this reason, it is difficult to break the wax buildup loose from the hair. Therefore, one should use a natural oil to begin breaking down the wax and loosening it from the hair. Olive oil is one example of an oil suitable for this use. Sweet almond oil is another. The hair should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water.


  • Following the treatment with oil, the hair will be left extremely greasy. Plain water will not remove this oil any easier than it would the wax. Therefore, one should apply a specific grease cutting agent. Dishwashing liquid is a good example of a product of this type. It is safe to use on the hair occasionally, though overuse can lead to the hair becoming dry and frizzy.


  • After washing the oil out of the hair, it is strongly recommended that one use a regular conditioning shampoo to wash the hair again. This will help to put essential moisture back into the hair and protect it from damage.


  • Most people like to follow this wash with a conditioning treatment. Some use regular conditioners. Others choose to undergo a deep conditioning. The key is personal preference. The conditioners will restore the health of the hair and protect it from serious damage due to over drying.


  • This system must not be used too frequently. One may go ahead and use products containing beeswax without fear. It will just be necessary to undergo this series of steps to remove the buildup about once a week.


Learning how to remove beeswax from hair is a complicated process. It is not simply using a specific type of shampoo or cleansing agent. The truth is that it requires one to undertake a series of steps in order to completely strip the buildup out of the hair.

The first step is to loosen the wax using a natural oil such as olive oil. The next is to remove the oil from the hair using a powerful grease cutting agent such as dish detergent. Finally, one should shampoo the hair thoroughly and apply a moisturizing conditioner to prevent over drying the hair.

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