Identifying Causes Of Dry Hair

Caring for hair can be a very complicated process. First, one must understand what type of hair he has. Some people have oily hair, a few have normal hair, and most have dry hair. Identifying causes of dry hair can be the first step toward treating it.

Hair color and texture help to determine how prone one will be to developing dry hair. Red heads have thicker hair shafts that retain moisture longer while blondes have very fine hair that dries very easily. Environmental factors also work to cause dry hair.

Extensive exposure to the sun and wind, especially salt wind on the seacoasts, works to leech the moisture out of hair. Dehydration of the body also dries the hair as well as the skin. This means that drinking plenty of water can help to prevent the hair drying out.

Chemical treatments on the hair, such as perms and color treatments, also take the moisture out of hair. Avoiding the use of these things as much as possible will help to limit the speed with which hair dries.

One of the most common culprits is the use of blowdryers. Most men keep their hair short enough to be able to air dry without having to use one. Even long hair can dry in the air without using a dryer, it just takes a little longer. This means that washing the hair should be among the first things one does in the grooming routine.

Understanding and identifying the causes of dry hair are the first steps toward solving the problem. Not all of these causes can be avoided, but limiting one’s exposure to them coupled with the use of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will go a long way toward alleviating the problem. One can also add oily fish to the diet and consume more water to help prevent dry hair.

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