How To Sharpen Hair Clippers

Surely, women need more accessories and equipment for their vanity, but it seems like men are keeping up. Most of the guys these days make use of hair clippers to groom the hairs inside their noses. The problem is that clippers can sometimes become dull, making them less effective in cutting. If you are a man and this is your dilemma, it is time to know how to sharpen hair clippers now:

Get to know the root cause. As they say, you will never know the right solution if you do not get into the main problem. What causes it to become blunt or ineffective?

It could be a part has started to become loose and needs to be readjusted. It may also be building up rust, or it has not been oiled for a while. Before you do any cleaning or even complaining, the check the problem first.

Disassemble the clipper. If you are using an electric clipper, make sure you can remove the wire from the plug before you do so. Learn to inspect every part. If there are leftover hairs, remove them by using a very small brush or perhaps tissue.

Remove the rust. If the rush is starting to build up in the clipper, you can still remove it by simply making use of a rubbing alcohol, preferably 90 percent isopropyl, and a piece of cloth. Rub the latter vigorously into the blades until all the rusty color is removed.

Sharpen the blade. You can follow the procedure in sharpening a knife. You rub the clipper blades on a sharpening stone. To avoid damaging the blades in the process, apply a small amount of oil into the stone. Sharpen in one direction only.

If it is a well-known clipper, you can always replace the blades, which you can get in your local store.

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  1. Everyone will find these clippers difficult to use for the first time. Hair clippers are a part of our day to day life.


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