How To Remove Black Hair Dye From Hair

Permanent hair dyes are difficult to remove from the hair under the best of circumstances. One color that complicates the issue dramatically is black. Sadly, some men dye their hair black, only to find that this color does not look good on them at all.

There are options to remedy the problem without one having to live with a terrible coloring job. But, it is important that one know how to remove black hair dye form hair in order to avoid damaging the strands.

The first method is to purchase a hair dye removal kit at the local drug store. Use the kit, following the directions precisely, to remove the unwanted color. One drawback to this method is that it tends to leave the hair with an orange tint. This is because the original dye kit stripped most of the natural pigments out of the hair, leaving only a small amount of red.

After removing the black dye, one must immediately dye the hair a new color, preferably one close to the person’s natural color. Care must be exercised in order to avoid damaging the hair and making it frizzy.

If this choice is not desirable or costs more than one is willing to spend at the time, an alternative is to use a gentle peroxide product to bleach the hair. The peroxide will open the cuticle and strip the black pigments away from the strands. This will leave the hair blonde.

It is strongly advised that one apply a new color, as close to the natural color as possible, no matter what method one uses to remove the dye. It is also important that the hair is given a deep conditioning to put vital moisture back into the hair in order to prevent damage and breakage. This will also minimize the occurrence of frizziness.

It is important that one take the time to learn how to remove black hair dye from hair properly and safely to avoid damaging his hair and possibly having to shave his head. The use of improper methods and/or materials can make a bad color job much worse in just a few short minutes.

Therefore, if one is unsure of how to go about it, he should seek out a professional stylist to strip the black pigments out of the hair and return it to its natural color safely and gently. This should help to guarantee the health of the hair and make it easier to maintain a good appearance.

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