How To Clean Hair with Lemon Juice

Keeping your hair clean is an important step to achieving thick, shiny, healthy hair. One of the best ways to help maintain your hair health is to use lemon juice. Lemon juice is considered one of the best natural cleaners for hair.

While citric acid in lemons helps remove build up on hair caused due to the usage of various hair care products, the alpha hydroxy acids in lemon help exfoliate dead cells and keep the scalp clean and healthy.

Additionally, using lemon juice as a hair cleanser not only helps strengthen hair follicles, reducing hair fall, but also helps fight dandruff and add life to dull frizzy hair.


Steps to Use Lemon Juice to Clean Hair

Step #1: Choose lemons that are light in color. Avoid using darker lemons as they are usually mealy inside and not good to clean hair.

Step #2: Peel the lemon in the largest pieces possible, allowing some white layer to remain on the lemon. Cut the lemon into two halves.

Step #3: In the shower, hold the peeled lemon side out and gradually squeeze the juice from the inner side of the fruit over your head.

Step #4: After spreading the juice evenly all over your head, use lemon( peeled side) to rub onto your hair. Ensure that the entire length of your hair is covered in the process .

Step #5: Take the lemon peels and rub the inside of the peel (white) from root to tip of your hair using both your hands. This will help condition your hair.

Step #6: Rinse your hair completely with warm water.



  • Lemon is acidic in nature. Always keep your eyes closed when using lemon juice to avoid stinging or burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Lemon juice if used excessively can cause dry hair. Do not use this natural cleanser more than twice a week.
  • For best results, use your fingers to gently massage the juice into your scalp. Massaging with lemon juice will help eliminate build- up and residue, get rid of dandruff and boost hair growth.

So if you are one those men looking for a solution to get clean and healthy hair naturally, there is no better way than using lemon juice for your hair.

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