How to Choose the Right Conditioner

There are many types of conditioner on the market to make any type of hair look its best. No matter what type of hair you have from normal, thinning, frizzy, dry, damaged, or oily you can find a conditioner that will make your hair look great and keep it healthy.

Most people think that only women or men with long hair should worry about conditioner but even men with short hair should choose a conditioner carefully. The right conditioner can make any length of hair look its best.

You should choose a conditioner based on your hair type unlike shampoo which should be chosen depending on your scalp type. Some conditioners can cause build up and hair can become resistant to its effects so it is a good idea to change the brand of conditioner you use every month or choose a brand that does not cause build up.

It is important to choose the right conditioner for your hair type. You should choose a moisturizing conditioner if your

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hair gets dry or frizzy. If your hair is limp or fine a volumizing conditioner will help to give it body. If you are lucky enough to have healthy hair you will only need a conditioner made for normal hair.

If your have fine or thinning hair, a common problem for many men, too much conditioner can weight it down but the right amount of conditioner can give your hair extra body and make it appear fuller. Too much conditioner can make your hair look oily, damp or weighted down no matter what type of hair and conditioner you use. It is important to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all the conditioner to avoid excess buildup, oil, and grease.

Both women and men have colored and processed hair so it is important for anyone with processed hair to choose the right conditioner. It is important to moisturize the ends of processed hair but not over moisturize the root and scalp.

It is important to apply conditioner to the ends of hair and not to the scalp like conditioner. The hair shaft and ends of hair are where conditioner is needed the most. It is also important to avoid conditioners that contain silicone because they can strip the hair of its color.

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