Home Remedies For Split Ends

Split ends can make a man’s hair look frizzy and completely out of control. They are caused by the hair becoming too dry and losing the protective cuticle from around the ends. While the only way to get rid of them is to cut the ends of the hair above the split, there are several home remedies for split ends that can be used to prevent their formation.

Adding moisture to the hair is the key to preventing the formation of split ends. One of the best moisturizers one is likely to find in the home is olive oil. Heating the olive oil until it is just shy of burning the skin and massaging it into the hair will add moisture that is vital to the health of the hair. Let the oil sit on the hair and soak in for about a half hour, then shampoo and rinse out thoroughly.

For most guys, the last time they had beer in their hair was back in college. However, beer has been shown to be an effective moisturizer for the hair. Massage it into the hair and follicles. Let stand for 20 to thirty minutes and wash out with shampoo as normal. It might be necessary to repeat the shampooing in order to avoid giving the impression that one has had a wild night.

Mayonnaise may sound terribly messy, but it does wonders for the hair. It adds critical moisture that can prevent the ends of the hairs from splitting. The egg and vinegar in mayonnaise also help to improve the luster of the hair when it is shampooed out.

Another unusual home remedy calls for one to blend a half of a papaya with a half cup of yogurt. Puree the mixture in a blender, apply the mixture all over the head. Make sure all of the hair strands are covered all the way out to the ends. Let sit on the hair for thirty minutes and rinse thoroughly using warm water.

There are many other home remedies for split ends if one cares to look them all up on the internet. Basically, all work in the same manner, by moisturizing the hair and strengthening it. Any or all of these remedies will prevent the formation of split ends. However, once the hair strands start to split, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut the hair above the point of the split.

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