Hair Tonic, Out Of Style But Not Obsolete

Back in its day, the 1950s to 1960s, hair tonic was a very popular item especially among men. Today, few people even know what hair tonic is. Today, most people use gel or mousse to style their hair. These products do not stand to leave the hair looking is greasy as the old tonic I did.

One of the reasons for tonic’s popularity was the fact that it added shine to the hair. In addition, many manufacturers use advertising campaigns that indicated time it was good for the hair and scalp. While tonic did improve the appearance of the hair by adding shine, the only hair that was really helped by tonic was dry hair. This is due to the oil present in tonic.

Beyond its ability to moisturize the hair, tonic was and is mostly a styling aid. Its greatest benefit lies in the fact that it holds the hair in place. The same effect can be achieved using more modern aids such as gel, mousse, or hairspray.

Despite the presence on the market of these newer products, there is still a place for tonic in the lives of men with dry hair. While tonic cannot heal the hair, the hair is already dead, it can help to prevent split ends and frizzy hair.

If one chooses to apply tonic, care should be taken not to overdo it. This is because the base for hair tonic is normally a petroleum product which could leave hair flammable as well as creating a greasy build up that is much less than attractive.

In addition, those who choose to use tonic should wash their hair frequently in order to avoid a greasy build up that can stand bedclothes oil or rub off on clothing with changing. Some types must be washed out each day.

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