The Different Functions Of The Hair

For some reason, people these days are fond of getting their hairs removed. Perhaps it comes from the perception that being hairless means becoming flawless. This means that your body is a lot smoother to touch, not to mention that you can bring about the real color of your skin. What they don’t know, though, is that there are wide varieties of functions of the hair.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Hair will always add appeal. This is one of the reasons why on the other side of the equation, there are several men and women who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for them. For instance, men who suffer from alopecia, which is baldness or hair loss, opt for hair transplant. Women love to color their hair or use hair thickeners or straighteners to add more volume or luster.

When you have appeal, you have more confidence. There’s the social stigma that goes along with lack of hair. In fact, you could be a center of jokes once in a while. Having good hair makes you more confident because having them feels that you’re beautiful.

Going into more specifics, hairs all over the body can provide you with the warmth and protection your body needs. This may then explain why people of long ago developed thicker hairs than today. Just think of the cavemen.

Long and thick hairs are needed since they don’t have enough clothing to cover their bodies. You can also imagine the polar bears, seals, and other animals that live in the colder regions of the world. They are given mechanisms to tolerate the cold because of hair.

Hair can also serve as camouflage. This may not be the entire case with regards to humans, but it certainly holds true to animals. The northern hares, for example, would change their hair color to white during snow, so they would become less visible.

You can also imagine your hairs as the great defenders of your body. You can just think about the many chemicals, pollutants, and other harmful agents you meet every day. Without your hairs, you will have not a lot of defenses since nothing could filter them out properly.

Even the smallest ones play a huge role. The lashes can trap dust and smaller debris from getting into your eyes. On the other hand, the eyebrows will shield your eyes from the droplets of sweat that come from your head.

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  1. It's all well and good but now that we have heating and air conditioning, I do hope most men will realize that a hair shirt is so not attractive. If I want someone hairy, Id date a gorilla.


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