Argan Oil For Hair Treatment – A Moroccan Treasure For Shiny, Healthy Hair

All people want their hair to be beautiful, cool, healthy and shiny, without dandruff or abnormal oiliness. This can be achieved with some care, and what is very important, not all of them require going to salons. If you have the two necessary components – several minutes of your time and a desire – you can do it at home when you feel the need and when it is comfortable for you.

You can take only a little care of your locks regularly and what you will need to do on some special occasions will be just comb your mane and astonish everyone with its healthy look. Yet, it is better to use natural care agents, which will be first of all hypoallergenic and besides that their effect will stay and last for a considerable while.

You have probably heard of different miraculous remedies, which seem to have a whole history of usage but are not widely spread for some reasons. Here is one of such things that has become known not so very long ago, but which seems to be really resultant. This is Argan oil. This substance has really made a boom in the sphere of hair care. Though it is quite expensive, its popularity cannot be denied.


The Argan Oil and Its Benefits

This oil is being extracted from seeds of the Argan tree, which grows nowhere but in Morocco. There, it is being protected by all legal means, and its manufacturing makes a good part of the incomes of this state. The oil can be used both for food and for cosmetic purposes; it has been known for a long time, but has been discovered again not so long ago.

As long as they need nearly a hundred kilos of seeds in order to get a kilogram of this oil, it costs a pretty penny. Though only a little of this oil can really do wonders, and you will see the result after the first several times you apply this rich and slightly aromatic substance onto your head.

So, the main effect the Argan oil has on your locks is moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing and stopping hair fall. The irreplaceable omega-acids, vitamins and mineral elements, which can be found in this oil, will help your coiffure stay young for a long time, slow down the process of greying and remove dandruff.

The finest atomic coat of useful elements that wrap each hair on your head can protect it from the UV-radiance, excessive dampness or drying when it is very hot.


How to Use Argan Oil

Image of Agadir Argan oil.
Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment. Contains 100% pure and certified Argan oil.

What is important and especially good, the way you can use this oil for your scalp is quite simple. Any natural oil, which is meant for improvement of hair growth or repair of the skin on your head, can be added to shampoos or balsams and this way reinforce their qualities. But it is always better to use oils in their pure form.

So, you need to take some Argan oil, for instance, Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment, which is comfortable due to its packing in bottles of 2 or 4 oz. and possesses all the necessary qualities of this oil.

Then you can either moisten your locks or even wash it with a shampoo and apply some oil. It is hard to say whether you will need a lot of it or a drop: it all depends on the length of your locks and the level of the damage. When they are dried and badly damaged, they resemble a sponge, so do not be surprised, when the oil gets absorbed in several seconds.

Leave it on your head for half an hour or, if you have time, for a longer while. Then wash it away with a mild shampoo. You will at once notice the rich sheen and the silky feeling of your locks.

Don’t be afraid that they will feel oily: after the washing there will be no remnants of oiliness but the healthy look and feeling will stay for a long time. You can also combine this oil with others, which can be useful for your hair: that of burdock, olive, lavender, sage and numerous others, which will heal your hair and give it a healthy look and a pleasant fragrance.

6 thoughts on “Argan Oil For Hair Treatment – A Moroccan Treasure For Shiny, Healthy Hair”

      • Sorry but, I got another question..

        Do I use the Argan Oil as a leave-in conditioner or do I wash my hair right after applying the oil(after the shower I mean)?

        So, in short: wash hair, shampoo, dry hair, oil, wash hair again, hair gel or other products.

        Or: wash hair, shampoo, dry hair, oil, hair gel or other products.

        Also, do I have to dry my hair after showering and then put the oil in my hair or do I use the oil when my hair is still wet?

        Thanks a lot for the replies!

        • wash hair, shampoo, wash hair, towel dry hair, oil, style your hair. Apply the oil when your hair is still damp. Rub with your hands or drop it on the brush. Washing hair after applying the oil is not a must. Leave it dries for a few minutes, then style your hair with or without product.


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