How To Remove Hair Color

Men are more prone to leaving their hair its natural color. However, from time to time, we like to change our look somewhat. If a radical change is desired, it is not uncommon to color their hair.

Today, the possibility exists to make hair lighter or darker than its natural color. In some cases, a complete change of color is possible. But, if one tries to change his look by using hair dyes and finds himself unhappy with the result, it is good to know how to remove hair color.

The first thing one should know is that it is impossible to remove hair color that makes hair lighter than its natural shade. This is because part of the coloring process involves bleaching out the natural pigments in hair strands. If the pigments were not removed, the hair could not be lightened. Therefore, the only answer for this is to have one’s hair dyed again, using a darker shade.

It is important to know the underlying pigments that are normally a part of each hair color and be able to replace them when attempting to darken hair back to its natural color. Failure to do so can result in some really strange colors. Having a professional hair stylist perform this procedure is probably best for ensuring one gets the desired results.

If hair has been colored a darker color and the results are not what was desired, there are some different remedies one can try. One of the first keys is acting quickly. Hair dye is much easier to remove while it is relatively fresh and new.

One product that is highly recommended is Color Oops. One application of this product can gently remove the dye from hair strands without stripping out the natural color. If unsure how to use, it might be a good idea to have a professional take care of it.

Depending on how much too dark the hair color has become, it could be a simple matter of washing the hair repeatedly a few times to strip out excess color. If the color is much too dark, one may need to apply a clarifying shampoo that is designed to strip all hair products out. These are often powerful enough to remove everything, including pigments and oil clinging to the hair strands.

In extreme cases, one may be forced to bleach his hair with hydrogen peroxide. This can remove all the pigments from the hair, including its own natural color. Care must be exercised, however, to avoid damaging one’s hair severely.