15 Inspiring Ducktail Haircuts To Uplift Your Style

Hairstyle works like a magic wand in order to change the look of someone within a minute. It may often happen that, you penetrate a saloon with an unkempt look and walk out with an amazing look that you can’t recognize yourself. All that occurs because of the perfect haircut. Ducktail haircuts are such type of haircuts which can increase the beauty magically. This is actually a slicked-back hairstyle that resembles duck’s ass. And, for this reason, ducktail haircuts are also known as duck’s ass or D.A. to the hair enthusiasts. The haircut originated in 195os but it has a universal appeal to date.


Modern Ducktail Haircuts

The haircut is only for those who are concerned with the hairstyle. Because it demands a good deal of attention in terms of maintenance and care. One must have adequate hair to get this hairstyle done as the styling involves the hair of the sides is combed down the back where the side hair meets and create a central part or fold. The frontal hair is normally a pompadour or regular slicked back hairstyle. Make sure you are using good hair products such as styling gel. Otherwise, it will look odd and the hair may be displaced after a while. Check the below list to get inspired.

#1. Styling Voluminous Hair

If you have just enough hair to do any style, try this one.  Apply top quality styling gel to the hair then comb the hair from front to sideways on the back creating a central part on the backside. This will let you get the glam of ducktail haircuts.


#2. Ducktail for Shorter Hair

Keep the front hair as per your wish. Apply the ducktail haircut on the back. Here the hair is a bit shorter. So, styling gel is a must to forcefully place the hair in the right shape.


#3. Soft Styling

This is for those who don’t like extremity while designing the har. The ducktail is not followed rigidly for this style. But, it somehow refers to the ducktail haircuts with a soft and gentle styling.


#4. The Harmony


Grab this awesome style if you are that kind of persons who spend a lot of time to get the right hairstyle. This is really time-consuming. Slick all the hair back starting from the front to the back. Use the comb carefully so that it creates a central parting right in the middle of the head. All the hair will be in harmony and create a stunning ducktail haircut.


#5. Tapered Back

One can have a ducktail haircut with the association of a tapered back hairstyle.


#6. Slick It Back

Apply a good amount of hair gel and slick the hair back and down to the back side of the hair. Make sure the hair from both sides meets right at the midpoint.


#7. Chevron Shape

This is one of the most popular ducktail haircuts available out there. The back sided hair has been trimmed and faded to make a chevron pattern. Enough hair has been kept in the middle to be combed down and sideways to make them look like ducktail. The hair from both sides has been folded nicely to create a central part.


#8. Skin Fade Haircut

Trim the hair of the sides closer to the skin. Arrange the top hair so carefully to make a ducktail effect.


#9. Extreme Style

Some guys like to get a hairstyle that looks so well-cared and looked after. Though it needs good hair product to do this sort of styling. No matter what, if you are a hairstyle enthusiast its not about money. Go get this slicked back haircut creating a small ducktail right at the bottom.


#10. Greaser Duck’s Ass Hair

Keep it simple. Imagine a line that bisects the head into two parts and combs the hair towards the sides to make that line visible. Thus, one can easily get ducktail haircuts.


#11. Ducktail for Colored Hair

It’s not mandatory to apply a ducktail only on black hair. Ginger hair or any colored hair will look absolutely beautiful in ducktail haircuts.


#12. Front Pompadour

This is the most wonderful haircut that you will ever see among ducktail haircuts. The hair from the sides has been faded to skin and the hair on the top has been kept long for further styling.


#13. Top to Bottom

Usually, the ducktail effect takes place at the bottom of the hair. But, you can try to create a central part right from the top to the bottom. It will add a new dimension to the ducktail haircuts.


#14. Undercut Ducktail Hair

You will get the charm of gorgeous ducktail hair with an undercut. Just make sure that the ducktail effect is created perfectly to resemble the conventional ducktail haircuts.


#15. Nice Transition

Comb the frontal hair nicely to the back, down and sideways so that the hair creates a ducktail on the back side. Be cautious to make a central part at the midpoint. And the hair from the sides is trimmed so nicely making a smooth transition with the hair on the top.


Every hairstyle demands hard work and toils. It’s not easy to get a sophisticated haircut like that of Duck’s ass. The most efficient way to get this haircut is to guide the hair in the specific direction. Only training the hair rightly and regularly can help you get the perfect ducktail hairstyles. Of course, hair styling gel is a must in this regard.


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