Tips On Straightening Hair With A Flat Iron

There’s something about straight hair that makes it really appealing for both men and women. Perhaps it’s because it highlights the shine and volume of the hair. It also means your hair is not frizzy, which is very hard to manage. However, not everyone gets to enjoy straight hair all the time. You may want to make use of a flat iron. Here are tips on straightening hair with a flat iron:

  1. Get rid of dirt. One of the first things you need to do before you utilize the flat iron is to get rid of any type of dirt. If you allow them to stay while you iron you can expect them to form clumps. You also cannot look forward to shiny gorgeous hair right after. Eliminating dirt means washing your hair at least a night before you style it.
  2. Choose an iron with adjustable settings. Heat can be pretty damaging to your hair, so you want to make sure that there’s enough heat to straighten the hair without causing undue damage. Fortunately, there are some flat irons with knobs, which allow you to adjust the heat. You can begin with low and increase according to the kind of straight hair you want to achieve. Do not forget to apply heat-protectant on your hair.
  3. Opt for ceramic plates. To transmit heat into the hair, the iron needs to have plates. There are two kinds of them: ceramic and metal. If you’re going to choose between one of them, select the former. It can conduct heat as much as metal but is definitely way gentler to your hair.

    HSI 1
    HSI professional ceramic flat iron.

  4. Divide the hair into different sections. When you iron your hair, it’s best if you can divide the hair strands into different sections. This way, you can iron them properly and check if there are split ends or damage easily. Usually, if you have thick or curly hair, you every section will only have few hair strands.
  5. Use hydrating shampoos. Be very picky with the type of shampoo you’re going to use. When you’re ironing your hair regularly, you should use a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo. One of the side effects of ironing is the loss of moisture. The hair can become so dry or brittle it will lead to hair fall. Don’t forget to condition your hair every day.
  6. Limit the use. As much as possible, straighten your hair only when necessary. You already know the consequence with its constant use.


  2. Janice Richards