Men’s Hairstyles 2010-2011

When it comes to hairstyles for men, they usually go with a style suggested by their hairstylist or barber. They do not experiment with various hairstyles just like women. However, there are various options to choose from as far as men’s hairstyles are concerned. For 2010-11, several stylish men’s hairstyles trends have emerged that can help them to sport a well-groomed look.

Layered Hair Style

Men who wish to have a masculine and modern look can go for the layered hairstyles. Men can also exude a charming look by combining layers with bangs. With such a hairstyle, they can eliminate split ends easily. The use of mousse or gel at the hair ends helps the user to achieve more definition with this type of hairstyle.

Men’s Fringe Cut

Men can experiment with this hair style in such a way that it suits their face shape. Fringe cut for men can be of many different lengths and is mostly chosen by them to make a fashion statement today. Men can choose a fringe cut in two contrasting colors to have a whole new look. They can also select between cropped fringes or side swept fringes. Caesar cut is a type of hair style with longer fringe which is also considered to be quite cool these days.

Chic Long Bangs Hairstyle

Long bangs hairstyle enables men to sport a well groomed look when styled properly. This type of hairstyle is especially suitable for those who have a narrow or smaller forehead. This is a chic and modern hairstyle that can be swept aside or styled with spikes depending on the preference of the person.

Traditional Hairstyles

Those who prefer more traditional styles can go for the classic part haircut. The slick back and the side sweep are the two classic part hairstyles that are in vogue today. These hairstyles can be incorporated by the barber easily in order to impart a flattering and stylish look. This hairstyle can also be maintained easily by men of all age groups.

Sleek Hairstyles

One of the most fashionable hairstyles for men for 2010-11 is the trendy or sleek hairstyle. Men have to undergo professional methods of hair straightening and styling to sport the sleek or trendy hairstyle. This hairstyle is quite difficult to maintain and requires more time to be spent on hair maintenance every day. Men with short, long or curly hair can opt for this type of hairstyle.

Crew style

Men who love to sport a short hairstyle can go for the crew cut. This style is very popular amongst the younger generation of today. The cut gives the wearer a masculine look and can change according to different head shapes. This is a simple hair style that does not require too much time for maintenance or care.

The aforesaid are some of the best 2010-11 good hairstyles for men you can select from. You can select the best hairstyle depending on your style and facial structure. Sport a trendy look by updating yourself about the latest men’s hairstyles.

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