Top 10 Stunning Hair Salon & Barbershop Business Cards

A good business card can have as great or greater an impact on a potential client as a website. One vital difference is that the card can be touched, felt, and experienced on a more intimate level than a webpage.

There are no limits to how business cards have to be designed. A standard size is two by three inches in a rectangle, but some choose to try different things. One possibility is to have the cards die cut so that there is an outline of a female head. Bobby pins are used to create the look of hair. Other eye catching designs include having the cards shaped like hair, combs, or other tools that might be used in these shops.

Let’s take a look at top 10 amazing hair salon & barbershop business card designs:

Cha Cha Hair

J1NG The Barber

Wooden Hair

Hairdresser business card

Impact Salon

Impact Hair Salon business card

Impact Hair Salon business card

Impact Hair Salon business card

Yuka Suzuki Hair & Make Up Artist

Yuka Suzuki hair artist business card.

Yuka Suzuki hair artist business card.

Bolt Barbers

Bolt Barbers business card.

Stylist Lindsey Casabella

Lindsey Casabella comb card.

Joe Maneiro’s Classic Cutters Salon

Joe Maneiro's classic cutters salon business card.

Triskett Barber Shop

Triskett Barber Shop business card.

Michael David Salon

Michael David Salon business card.

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